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Learning Japanese

While Japanese Language is not required for our Internship in Japan course, it is a great addition to your skillset if you have the chance. Below are some resources that our team recommends to make you a multi-lingual master.

The options are below are programs created by proud Alumni of ICC Consultants

Japanese From Square One

If you’re just getting started with Japanese or you’d like to brush up, two comprehensive and highly rated apps to consider are Human Japanese and its sequel, Human Japanese Intermediate.
Human Japanese starts at square one and leads you step-by-step through the basics of pronunciation, the writing system, sentence structure, culture, and more. Featuring more than 1800 recordings, kana animations, quizzes, and most of all, a friendly and down-to-earth style, this is a great introduction to Japanese. (5.0-star average rating out of 497 reviews on the App Store.)

Human Japanese Intermediate is a seamless continuation that goes into more advanced concepts that will help you to make sense of Japanese, including kanji, intermediate grammar, male vs. female speech, and many more. Like the first app, a friendly voice guides you each step of the way. (4.9-star average rating out of 97 reviews on the App Store.)
Find out more about this apps below:
Human Japanese
Human Japanese Intermediate

Japanese Reading Practice

To get to the next level with Japanese, you’ve got to read. But learning to read in Japanese can be challenging because, no matter how much kanji you know, anything you try to read is bound to packed with characters you haven’t yet learned, and that can feel overwhelming.
Enter Satori Reader. This website and mobile app contains hundreds of stories written at an intermediate level. Every story has line-by-line translations, audio recordings, and even friendly explanations of the tricky parts.

But here’s the twist: You can register the exact kanji you know, and Satori Reader will automatically adjust the text to accommodate your knowledge. Words that contain kanji you know appear in kanji. Words with only kanji you don’t know appear in kana, or in kanji but with furigana. It’s all up to you, and it’s highly configurable.
You’ve really got to see it to believe it. Check it out at the link below.
Satori Reader

Accommodation in Japan

The IIJ Team will help find the room that best suits you financially, falls in line with your interests, and is close to your work. Two of our most popular options are the Sharehouse (private room) and the Studio Apartment. As you can probably tell, buildings in Tokyo are usually jam-packed together; therefore, apartments here can be smaller than western-style apartments. This is one reason why living in a Sharehouse is a popular option. 

Share House

You get your own private room, while you share facilities such as the bathroom, kitchen, and the laundry room. This means that you are not responsible for cleaning any of the common areas, apart from your own private room.

It is also a good environment for making friends with the international crowd as well as locals. Many sharehouses are home to people of over 10 nationalities, and also have their own events or house parties, where you can meet your fellow housemates and make friendships that last a lifetime. This is definitely the right option for someone who wants to make friends quick, have parties, and go on adventures in big groups.

Private Apartment

The private Studio Apartment is usually small compared to Western-style apartments that you may be used to, but it has all the necessities, such as the bed/mattress/futon, refrigerator, AC unit, shower/toilet (with the possible exception of a separate laundry room). Also, less space means less cleaning necessary!

The bathrooms also usually have the toilet and shower combined into one water-tight room, where any spot can be hosed down by the shower head, making it much easier and faster to clean than a Western-style washroom. There will also be at least one burner next to the sink, where you can prepare your home-cooked dishes that remind you of home or to try new Japanese recipes in your spare time! If you would prefer a stoic lifestyle, then this is the better choice for you.


Japanese Cuisine

Japan is famous for its amazing food. It is no wonder that people come from all over the world to experience real, authentic Japanese cuisine. 

Each area in Japan is famous for particular dishes and you wouldn’t be the first person if you were to travel the country to try them all. Family restaurants that have been there for generations each add their own flavor. You can often tell by the lines that go out the door and down the street. These are some of the best in the world.

Of course, even the common fast food restaurants and convenience stores sell great, quality food in Japan. With one of the healthiest populations in the world they are doing it right. There is something for everyone. 

Eating in Japan

Eating in Japan is one hobby that everyone can enjoy. Restaurants are often extremely cheap and healthy. Many Japanese will choose this option for all three meals a day because it so easy. Great atmosphere, service and food. Why not? 

There is really something for every person and for every price range. Hot and filling meals can even rival home cooked options so you don’t need to feel guilty for exploring the cuisine culture of Japan.


There is so much to do during your exciting internship in Japan, especially Tokyo, but here are just a few that we know you’ll love. 

Disney Land

Shinjuku National Park

Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo Tower

Kaminarimon (Asakusa)

Tokyo Sky Tree

… And So much more

Internet Access While In Japan

In Japan, at the cutting edge of a technological society, you are always able to stay connected. Its never been this easy.

If you want the full 360 degree service for your time in Japan, look no further than Mobal Japan. 

We recommend using a mobile sim card for your adventure, allowing you to use your phone like you would back home and connect to the net. Regardless, Japan is the perfect place for internet access.

Walking down the street, most convenience stores and restaurants have free wifi access so as long as you have a device, you are never too far away from a source and your accommodation is always connected. (See above link to Life in Japan 101)
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