Internship in Japan program is providing global business opportunities to young people from all around the world who are interested in Japanese business culture and future career opportunities. We are always happy to welcome great companies in our program to host the interns participating in our program.

Why host an intern?

Your Business Will Grow

Having an intern will bring new ideas to the table, open up opportunities you did not know existed and help develop your projects with great enthusiasm.

You Can Hire Them

Many Interns are looking to staying in Japan as a full-time employee in the future, using the internship to build their experience in the Japanese work-force. We support our candidates in their goal and help with the Visa process

We Can Handle it

Our team will organize any visa application, organize accommodation and supply the insurances during their time as interns. We want to make sure everything is as easy as possible for you and your team.


With an intern, your company will reach its internationalization goals; you will not only be able to engage in projects you could not start or finish due to a lack of manpower but you can get a first-hand opinion from someone native to your target market and with up to date information. Our candidates are from over 60 different countries and cover all languages so they can play their role.

High Level Interns

The candidates we introduce to you are extremely skilled, totally dedicated to this experience. They, themselves, have chosen to join the program showing their motivation to develop into professionals.

Access to Many Talented Candidates

We have interns starting all times of the year and for all different industries. All of our host companies have great experiences and are open to hosting more interns in the future.

Testimonials from host companies

The Process

Get In Touch with the IIJ Team

From here we can talk about your ideal interns and requirements, either in person or by email. We will use this to match our intern profiles with the open positions.

With this we will introduce our best, matching candidates to you by email.

Meet the Intern

If you are interested the profile we have sent, we will organize an interview with you/your team and the candidate either online or in-person .

Based on your feedback, we can confirm the internship placement with the candidate and the extra details (dress code, things to bring etc). At this point we begin our accommodation, insurance and orientation services, etc with the candidate.

Arrival in Japan

When in Japan, we conduct our Japanese Business Training Seminar to prepare for their internship experience. From here, they will begin their internship with your company (likely the following Monday).

We provide support during the time for any help that is needed, both to the intern and also to your company.

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