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Language and Internship Program

Maybe you’ve seen Anime, maybe you’ve listened to Japanese music, or maybe you’re just hungry to learn a new language: in which case, we have the program to quench your thirst!

Introducing the “Language + Internship Program”!

Now you can learn the language and gain valuable business, cultural, & social experience all in the same program. Although many of our internships only require you to speak English, it is a great way to make your way into Japanese culture and be more sociable in & out of the workplace!

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These intensive language courses are for anyone with a desire to learn a new language; from beginners to more advanced speakers, there is a course level to suit everyone’s ability. The lesson are done in monthly segments, in group formats, and taught by our partner language school, which was selected as the best language school in the world in 2016 and is 1 of the only 2 IALC accredited schools in Japan.

The language courses are full-time, and therefore cannot be completed at the same time as the internship. They can be completed the month before your internship has started, or the month after your internship has ended. Of course, this can be customized to suit your needs within the time limitations of your visa. For example, a very popular plan is to do 1-month of language lessons and then 2-months of Internship.

During your consultation with our friendly staff, let us know your desired duration in the language school and we can give you a quote of our discounted prices.

Maybe you would like to work at a Japanese-owned company abroad or to work in Japan itself in the future. Well, apart from business experience, learning the language is a surefire way to get companies to notice you. Anything you learn in the courses can be put into use during your actual internship; you will also find networking in Japan to be so much easier. Learning Japanese is an investment in yourself and your future in Japan!

Being able to speak Japanese will drastically increase your pool of career opportunities abroad and in your home country. For example, about 800,000 people in the USA alone are employed by Japanese companies annually. Japanese is also the 4th most used language on the internet. In fact, there are over 185 sister-city affiliations between America and Japan. Over 450,000 people speak Japanese in American households. More than 50,000 Americans are living and working in Japan currently, along with 2,150,000 other foreigners of different nationalities.

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