Scholarship Information

As the world becomes more global, there are many who want to support you in your international journey. If you are motivated and strong enough to stand up, then there are opportunities for you with Internship in Japan.

Bring-a-Friend Discount

Share in your Japanese adventure with a friend and save.

Seasonal Scholarships

Stay tuned for all of our seasonal promotions.
To learn more about these opportunities on offer, please ask our friendly staff during our skype consultation and they will be happy to explain the procedure.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities for your Internship

There are many different opportunities to get funding from American companies/ groups.
Gilman Scholarship
Federal Student Aid
Pell Grant
Try your State Educational grant office
– Many universities have their own scholarships available to apply for if you are getting educational experiences abroad
There are some very generous options that can be found Here
Your Government has options if you would like to complete your internship in Japan with our program.If you are a Citizen of these countries, please let inquire about the Scholarships opportunities with us during your consultation.
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