(NGY-103) Architecture and interior design internship

Number of Staff


Minimum Duration

1 Month (s)

Internship Code


Foreign Staff


Japanese Language Requirements


Company Details

Japanese interior design company

Notes from the IIJ Team

“Take a step into the future of East+West with this premier design company!”

Internship Details

This architectural design company embodies the essence of Japanese hospitality, or “Omotenashi”. However, its modern designs sets it apart from more traditional design companies.


Sales – Construction – Design – Self-Growth – Study
Making models of houses.
Planning & preparation of workshops/events.
Production of novelties to distribute to customers.


Someone who likes Japanese buildings and Japanese hospitality, and cares about human relations.
Someone who likes to work in a fast-paced environment.
Someone with interest in architecture and hospitality.
Someone who is skilled with PC.
Someone who is sensitive to their environment, and able to read and adapt to situations well.

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