(TKY-230) Website Manager Internship at Tourist/ foreigner aimed Interpretation Services Company

“Get your chance to explore more of Japan with this tourist based company”

Number of Staff


Minimum Duration

2 Month (s)

Internship Code


Foreign Staff


Japanese Language Requirements

Not Needed

Company Details

This is a company that provides translation and interpretation services. They also operate a tourism and travel information website that provides information on the Tokyo area to everyone from aspiring visitors to new residents.

Notes from the IIJ Team

“Pleasant and harmonious office environment. Great and welcoming place for interns”

Internship Details

This company is welcoming several interns from us every year, sometimes a couple at the same time, so you will always be in a great environment, with people used to foreign interns.

1. Website management (WordPress)
2. Learning e-business fundamentals
3. Content creation/ Journalism

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