Internship in Japan is about more than just internships. It’s about your career! We open doors, we offer training, we support you and we unlock your professional future!
We are a program that works closely with our participants to help them become the next global leaders through internship opportunities in an exceedingly professional environment – Japan and the World.
Enhance your career by taking on the challenge Japan is offering you!

We foster the leaders of the future by providing global opportunities to those seeking new challenges. With our global network, ICC Consultants Inc., we are the leaders in young professional training.

About ICC:

Headquartered in the heart of Tokyo, with offices in other major cities in Japan and 4 overseas offices, ICC Consultants is an independent company specialised in the international mobility of students and young professionals. We have been offering for more than 40 years an array of international study, exchange, and internship programs to Japanese and foreigners in partnerships with high-ranking universities and educational providers all around the World. ICC’s commitment to excellence, its unique approach to exchange study programs and proven track record are some of the reasons over one thousand students (and their families) entrust their future to ICC each year.

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