Internship in Japan program is providing global business opportunities to young people from all around the world who are interested in Japanese business culture and future career opportunities. We are always happy to welcome great companies in our program to host the interns participating in our program.


Why hosting an intern?

  • First and foremost: Your business will grow.
  • Having an intern will bring new ideas to the table, open up opportunities you did not know existed and help develop your projects with great enthusiasm.
  • With an intern, your company will reach its internationalization goals; you will be able to engage in projects you could not start or finish due to a lack of manpower and get a first-hand opinion from someone native to your target market and with up to date information.
  • Every leading company in the World has an internship program open to foreigners to keep them in front of the competition.
  • The candidates we introduce to you are extremely skilled, totally dedicated to this experience and very much looking forward to staying in Japan as a full-time employee in the future.
  • You can hire the intern at the end!
  • You can welcome several interns at the same time or in a row if you want.
  • Interns are extremely grateful for receiving this career making and life changing work experience. They will never forget the chance you gave to them.
  • Still unsure of the benefits? See below what companies who have welcomed interns from us have to say to YOU.


Testimonials from host companies

  • Technical

    Keith, CEO
    Engineering Start-up

    “Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been introduced to 3 interns, all of whom have made contributions that have exceeded our expectations. The recruitment process has been quick and seamless.”

  • Other

    Gregor, HR Manager
    International School

    “We had a great experience. We would like to receive more interns from ICC in the future.”

  • Business

    Takami, HR Manager
    Business Solutions Company

    “It is always a pleasure welcoming interns from ICC. 
    Not only do they contribute to our workplace by showcasing their respective skills and talents but also by bringing in fresh ideas.”



Get in touch with us
We organize a meeting to discuss the program details
You take your time to think about this exceptional opportunity
Once you have decided, let us know what kind of interns you are looking for
We will introduce to you the profiles of our best candidates
If you are interested in one of the profiles, we organize an interview with the candidate(s)
If you liked what you heard from the candidate(s), we will ask you to confirm the placement
Please wait for your star intern(s) to arrive
We take care of the rest before, during and after the internship.


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