You are a company in Japan?
You have questions about welcoming interns in your company?

Internship in Japan is here to make your life instantly easier!

why interns?

  • Every leading company has an internship program open to foreigners.
  • The candidates we introduce you are extremely skilled, totally dedicated to this experience and very much looking forward to staying in Japan as a full-time employee.
  • You want to hire the intern at the end? No problem, it’s FREE! No recruiting fees, no hidden fees!
  • The interns will bring new and fresh ideas to the table, to open new growth paths to your activity while staying ahead of the competition. What better way to expand your activities to a foreign clientele in Japan and abroad than having your very own international workforce you can train to your own standard and build up to be your star employee of the future?
  • Didn’t you hate when you started looking for a job and kept getting rejected because of a lack of experience? It’s your chance to give that first experience to a great candidate who will never forget what you did.
  • We are only interested in making you and the intern have the ultimate experience. If you are not happy, you are priority. We are not a recruiting agency trying to shove a candidate down your throat to make a quick buck. What we do is help our partners (you, the interns) realize their dreams and achieve their goals. We do not work for our own profit, we work to make you successful and ensure the future of Japan.
  • Not convinced yet? See below what companies who have welcomed interns from us have to say.

testimonials from host companies


Get in touch with us
We organize a meeting at your office or ours and explain everything to you
Take the time you need to think about this exceptional opportunity
Once you are ready, tell us what kind of interns you are looking for
We will introduce you the best candidates
If you like what you see, we organize an interview with the candidates
If you liked what you heard, then we confirm the placement
You wait for your star intern to arrive
We take care of the rest before, during and after the internship.

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