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Mobile SIM

Gone are the days of coming to Japan for a short-term and being unable to use your phone like you would back home!

Internship in Japan is offering you foreigner friendly SIM cards at the cheapeast rate in Japan with NO CONTRACT!

UNLIMITED DATA on 4G LTE (Throttled after 7G / month)

You want unlimited phone calls! You got it! (Some restrictions apply)

Japanese phone number that you can keep if you come back (or stay) in Japan after your internship.

NO bank account in Japan necessary!

NO contract blocking you for years!

Compatible with ALL THE PHONES!

You can order it even if you do not sign-up for an internship.

And since at Internship in Japan, we believe in helping people, every month the phone provider will dedicate part of their revenue to an NPO aiming to feed every hungry child in the world a hot meal in school.

Just click the SIM card below, order yours (it can be shipped to your home for free so that you can use it from the moment you exit the plane!) and voila!

Airport pick-up

We currently only offer airport pick-up to groups, but if one of us being at the airport to welcome you is important for you, we can provide you with this service for an additional fee, to be quoted and invoiced once you have chosen your airport of arrival.