Programs & fees

For internships which begin between September 18th – November 30th 2018

Finding internships in Japan is challenging, especially if you do not speak Japanese at an advanced level.
Since the ’70s, our company has always understood the value and importance of a global workforce, and work tirelessly towards the professional advancements of individuals through internships abroad. Regardless of language barriers, we are a placement agency that believes in the boundless opportunities and life-changing experiences that are gained through oversea internship experiences. We are not just connecting you to internships. We help you reach and make the most of this door of opportunity for people of all backgrounds.

What Do I Receive?

-Exciting work experience in the field of your choice.

-Work Training/ Resume Building

-Valuable Certification upon Graduating.

-Free access to our post graduate services in Japan.

-Deep Cultural and Linguistic Development.

– 24/7 Insurance and Support 

– Monthly cultural/networking events 

*We guarantee your internship placement; however we do not guarantee the industry nor sector as this depends on how your abilities match the needs of the host companies.