(TKY-354) Engineer, Designer and Marketing Internship

Number of Staff


Minimum Duration

2 Month (s)

Internship Code


Foreign Staff


Japanese Language Requirements

Not Needed

Company Details

Software development company related with restaurant and food industry.

Notes from the IIJ Team

“Spontaneous mindset is required!”

Internship Details

Company founded in 2015, it is an early stage startup currently based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. We are a diverse team consisting of both men and women, and multiple nationalities including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the US. Our primary language is English, although we do use some Japanese in our daily communications. Our atmosphere is very relaxed, and we are a close-knit team always thinking of new ideas, and always going out to new lunch spots together! Come join us today!

Engineer position: developing new products with our engineers
Designer: UI design on new products and design for promotion.
Marketing: Mainly SNS marketing (growth hacker is welcome)

Engineer position: we will check what languages inters can code and decide to hire as our interns.
Designer: Illustrator, Photoshop
Marketing: Basic SNS marketing skills

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