(TKY-360) Radiation research NPO Internship

Number of Staff


Minimum Duration

1 Month (s)

Internship Code


Foreign Staff


Japanese Language Requirements

Not Needed

Company Details

The company began immediately following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant disaster in March 2011 and has grown to be global in scope.

Notes from the IIJ Team

“For people who are flexible and who are able to work independently as well as in a team context.”

Internship Details

Leading citizen-science based NPO providing open, crowdsourced monitoring of radiation and other contaminants. Our team worldwide design hardware and software systems, collect data and publish the results.

We have a broad range of tasks, from hardware and software development to documentation to PR that previous interns have been able to make a large contribution to. Students with a strong motivation in the environment, openness, radiation, air quality, programming, information design, engineering, or publication would be able to develop a satisfying project with us.

Graphic Design, Programming, Data analysis, Environment Research Data, Statistics, Mechanical, Hardware, Electronics (IOT), translation, journalism, social disaster, etc.

Interns are placed with mentors who provide guidance for their projects. We can consider interns with many backgrounds and interests. Design, visualization, or presentation skills are useful. Basic skill with designing or building electronics are useful. Programming ability is useful. Research and organizational ability is useful.

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