(TKY-396) Content and Social Marketing at Travel Company

“A travel tech company that analyzes which dates and accommodations can be best for traveling.”

Number of Staff


Minimum Duration

1 Month (s)

Internship Code


Foreign Staff


Japanese Language Requirements


Company Details

You will be able to manage their social media in order to help future travelers enjoy their new journeys

Notes from the IIJ Team

“Prefer an intern who is interested in a technology business and familiar with social media as a user. Also, the intern is fine with numerical analysis. “

Internship Details

We are a travel tech company that analyzes traveling scientifically and provide a recommended engine for travelers. We also analyze supply and demand of prices and availability of accommodations and predict the best timing of booking accommodation, also analyzes traveler’s demand and interest.


Intern will make strategies of content and social marketing in order to increase traffic in a chosen market that the intern selects. We are focusing on East Asia markets, but we are open to other markets.

Interns will also create target KPIs and a way to monitor these and create content of articles or posts in social media, analyze their output, and improve or change strategy if needed.

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