MessageMessage from the CEO

Raising potentials for as 
many individuals as possible 
through the “ICC Experience.”

ICC's history dates back to 1970, when we first started as a study abroad cultural broadcasting committee. This began our large transformation to what we are today in 1990. Our team had a strong desire to "nurture people who can tackle the global business world," "not just being any study abroad program, but with training," and finally "supporting our clients' dreams by entering in the race ourselves as 3-legged partners." These strong ideals helped develop our current ICC mission.

At ICC, we believe that "Study abroad is where change happens, and where the best opportunity for growth occurs." To place yourself in a situation that is all foreign and different is one of the biggest events of your life. This experience may feel like a reset button on your life. To immerse yourself into a culture and language far from that of your homeland, and to learn how to study and work in this environment is an experience something unlike any other. But after having seen all of this diversity and various ways of thinking, something that seemed no longer isn't, and you begin to journey through your world in a whole new light. You begin to see more clearly and more steadily a path that leads to your future. The discoveries that are made from these cross-cultural experiences are boundless.

Our consultants at ICC have all experienced learning, working, and living in an ever-changing, international environment. These experiences lead to great growth within, and a greater change in their lives. As a result of these experiences and the fact they have a strong desire to share these experiences with others, they become a part of what we call the "ICC Family." They are here, as consultants, to encourage, support, and coach our clients. Their mission is to learn, study, and work alongside our clients to create and develop the best method to success. "It can work, it can happen because it's ICC" … providing this one of a kind experience that only ICC can provide is the service and mission of our ICC professionals. These unique, one-of-a-kind experiences are what we call the "ICC Experience." In other words, by providing professional consulting services, offering unique study abroad programs, and by continuing to provide the "ICC Experience" to our clients, we hope to contribute to the growth and development of more successful individuals, careers, and organizations.

At ICC, the people who have studied and worked in a new cultural environment have erased fear or doubts about differences in culture, religion, and customs. Rather, experiencing these differences has turned that fear into new energy and excitement, creating a newfound mission and desire into developing a society that embraces these differences.

This is the future we at ICC hope to create.

Yasuo Sone

Yasuo Sone, CEO
ICC Consultants Inc.


Programs that Encompass ICC

  • IBP Program

    IBP Program

    With the mission to "nurture a global workforce that could freely work in a cross-cultural environment," the IBP program partners with major academic institutions, such as the University of Washington, and has sent over 4,500 applicants overseas through its programs (as of March 2016). Those who graduated from the program established careers in business, government, cultural, diplomatic, NPO, and other fields.

  • High School Study Abroad Program

    High School Study Abroad Program

    ICC has paved the path to make the world more accessible in what was once unheard of, and considered unrealistic, for Japanese high school students to accomplish.. With on-site advisors that act as parents and progression check systems in place to foster progression and success, this program follows and guides each and every student with the utmost of care. Over 2,500 students have graduated from overseas high schools and been accepted into national/ international universities.

  • Overseas Internship

    Overseas Internship

    An internship that contributes to the enhancement of companies, this program trains and advances individuals through exposure to cross-cultural environments. In addition to the overseas internship program for Japanese nationals, in 2011 we began a program for international people coming to Japan. At ICC, we assist the endeavors of students regardless of age and nationality.

  • Australian University Study Abroad

    Australian University Study Abroad

    Formerly, the most popular destination considered by Japanese nationals when it came to study abroad was the USA. However, ICC understood the merits of universities beyond that of America, working closely and establishing great partnerships with Australia. Since then, ICC has gained partnerships and trust from all Group of Eight Schools of Australia. ICC has sent increasing numbers of excellent students around the world, and became a gateway to 20+ universities for students.

Company Profile

Name ICC Consultants Inc.
Headquarters 6th Floor J-6 Bldg. 6-19-13 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
Capital 50 million yen
Establishment April 1988
Executive Officer President and CEO: Yasuo Sone
Vice-President: Megumi Mande
Executive Director: Akie Suyama
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Toru Miyaguchi
Number of Employees 85 (including overseas and contract workers)
National Branches Tokyo/ ICC Consultants Inc. Headquarters
Nagoya/ ICC Consultants Inc. Nagoya Branch
Kyoto/ ICC Consultants Inc. Kyoto Satellite Office
Osaka/ ICC Consultants Inc. Osaka Branch
Fukuoka/ ICC Fukuoka Office (The Nishinippon Shimbun Travel Co. Ltd.)
Overseas Branches ICC Seattle, USA
ICC San Francisco, USA
ICC London, U.K
ICC Consultants Australia Pty Ltd (ABN:84 634 864 832)
ICC Auckland, N.Z
ICC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Primary Business Introducing overseas educational institutions to potential study abroad clients
Management of scholarships for study abroad
Overseas study abroad support
Publication of education/study abroad volumes
Operation of training at overseas businesses
Development of English learning materials
Management of English teaching courses
Management of external English lessons to partner firms

Base of Operations

Japan Offices

Japan Offices
Japan Offices

Overseas Offices

Overseas Offices
Overseas Offices


1970s Establishment of ICC’s parent company, Cultural Broadcast Committee
1988 ICC Cross-cultural Committee established (company name: Cosmo Research Institute)
1989 Through the partnership of Bellevue Community College (USA), established the IBP Program

Kyoto Broadcast Culture Center joins the company, serving as its second base of operation

Youth International Scholarship was initiated to assist study abroad funding of University Students

Temp Staff World Scholarship was initiated to assist study abroad funding of young professionals

Established the ICC Seattle Office (ICC Consultants USA Inc.)


Radio Osaka joins the company, serving as its 3rd base of operation

With the invitation of NZEIL, New Zealand Education International Ltd., began the research of study abroad in New Zealand

With the partnership of NZEIL, began the construction of a study abroad program for high school students

Created a New Zealand “Study Abroad Guide” upon request from the New Zealand Embassy


The Nishinippon Shimbun Travel Company joined the company as its fourth base of operation

Chukyo TV Service Company joined the company as its fifth base of operation

New Zealand High School Study Abroad initiated. The first group included 25 members.

ICC Auckland office was established.

Upon request from the Australian Embassy, began the research for Australia study abroad


Established an agreement with the Victoria Department of Education on the developments of the study abroad program

Began hire of Japanese support staff and the construction of programs to accept students

Funding supported from Temp Staff Inc., later renamed to Temp Research Institute.

Published the first issue of「留学してみたい!オーストラリア・ニュージーランド」NZ/AUS Study Abroad Magazine (SANSHUSHA Publishing)


Developed a new IBP through a new partnership with the University of Westminster

Established the ICC London Office within University of Westminster

Initiated the High School Study Abroad Program in Australia. The first group included 28 members.

Began collaboration with the Switzerland Hotel Management School


Established the ICC Melbourne Office

Developed a new IBP program through a new partnership with the University of Washington (USA)

tvk Communications joined the company as its 6th base of operation

Began cooperation with Sundai Center for International Education to help high school students prepare for universities in Japan

Published the first issue of「留学してみたい!高校留学」High School Study Abroad magazine (SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Welcoming schools from Oceana, opened the first High School Study Abroad Fair in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Since then, the fair opens every year (as of 2017)


Began post-high school higher education system with the cooperation of universities in Australia, NZ, UK and USA.

Published the AUS, NZ High School Study Abroad Magazine,「高校留学 オーストラリア・ニュージーランド」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the undergraduate study abroad volume,「留学してみたい!大学生のための1年間留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Partnered with the University of Melbourne (AUS). Since then, the collaboration with major universities of Australia and New Zealand began.

Partnership with University of Otago (NZ) established.


Participants to the IBP Program reach 1000.

Australia and New Zealand on-site support staff reached 50 members.


Published the first oversea internship magazine,「働く留学 インターンシップ」Ikaros Publications)

Published the study abroad career building volume 「留学してみたい!大学生のための就職に強い留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Established a barrier-free study abroad scholarship program 「ゆめ大陸冒険企画人スカラシップ」

Australia, New Zealand high school study abroad destinations reached 100 schools

Partnership with University of Wollongong (AUS) established


Initiated the Airline Internship Program (USA)

Created the IBP Program Alumni Group

Participants of the ICC High School Study Abroad Program reached 1000

Established partnerships with The Australian National University (AUS)


Published the oversea internship volume「留学してみたい!インターンシップ留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the business study abroad volume「留学してみたい!ビジネス留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the short term undergraduate volume「留学してみたい!短大生のための留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Established partnership with the University of Canterbury (NZ)

Established partnership with Monash University (AUS)

Established partnership with Macquarie University (AUS)

Initiated the Long-term Oversea Stay Program for seniors


Published the high school testimonial volume「人生を変えた!高校留学物語」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Established partnership with Griffith University (AUS)


Participants to the IBP program reach 2000

Published the overseas internship for undergraduate volume「大学生のための海外インターンシップ」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the short-term study abroad volume「留学してみたい!短大生のための留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the one-year high school study abroad volume「高校1年間留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Established partnership with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Department of Education

Established partnership with the Western Australia Department of Education

Established partnership with the University of Sydney (AUS)


Published the high school study abroad volume「わが子の目が輝く高校留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the undergraduate internship volume「大学生のための海外インターンシップ」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the America study abroad issue「アメリカ大学留学 決定版 2006年」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Published the high school 1 year study abroad volume「高校1年間留学」(SANSHUSHA Publishing)

Established partnership with Deakin University (AUS)

Established partnership with Edith Cowan University (AUS)

2006 Published the oversea study and internship magazine 「海外で学ぶ働く 留学&インターンシップ2007」(Ikaros Publications)
2007 Established partnership with the New South Wales Ministry of Education (AUS)

Began accepting applications for the Oversea Internship Program for undergraduates

Integrated a paid oversea internship program “Aspire Internships”

Began accepting applicants for the Middle School Study Abroad Program in Australia and New Zealand

Established partnership with the University of Queensland (AUS)

Established partnership with James Cook University (AUS)


Participants to the IBP program reaches 3000

Established partnership with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) (AUS)


Began accepting applicants for the parent-elementary school student joint study abroad program.

Began a joint online TESOL certification promotion campaign with the University of Wollongong

Participants to the ICC High School study abroad program reaches 2000


Established an IBP program with Griffith University (AUS)

Established the ICC Brisbane Office within the Griffith University campus (AUS)

Established partnership with Bond University (AUS)

Established partnership with Queensland University of Technology (AUS)

2012 Established Internship in Japan Program for international students entering Japan

Established the ICC Corporate Training program for businesses and educational institutions

Established partnership with Education Queensland International (AUS)

Opened ICC Academy study abroad prep school (within the head office)

Participants to the IBP Program reached 4000

Began the High School Study Abroad Program in Canada


Established partnership with Curtin University (AUS)

Established partnership with The University of Adelaide (AUS)

Established partnership with the University of New South Wales (AUS)

Obtained recognition as being the first organization in Japan to establish partnerships with the Group of Eight Australian universities


Established a summer school program with American IVY League schools

Established the Malaysia Study Abroad Program

Awarded the Education Agent Loyalty Certificate of 15+ Years of Service from the State South of Victoria, Department of Education and Training

Established partnership with the Government of South Australia, Department for Education and Child Development


ICC Consultants Inc. became an independent entity through a management buyout of Temp Group


Established the ICC Nagoya Office

Established the ICC San Francisco Office (ICC Consultants USA Inc.)


Established the ICC Malaysia Office (ICC Education Consultants Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.)


Established the ICC Osaka Office

Established the ICC Consultants Australia Pty Ltd
(ABN:84 634 864 832)


Business Partners

the Nishi Nippon Shimbun Travel Co. Ltd. (Fukuoka)

*ICC Fukuoka office operates in cooperation with Nishi Nippon Shimbun Travel Co. Ltd. Tokyo head office, other national branches and the overseas offices operate under direct ICC management.

Principal Clients

Educational Institutions: Rikkyo University/ Kanagawa University/ Yokohama City University/ Musashino Art University/ Aichi Shukutoku University / Kwansei Gakuin University and others

State Governments: Victorian Government Tokyo Office/ Education New Zealand Trade and Investment/ Queensland, Japan Office/ Government of Western Australia Tokyo Office/ British Columbia Trade and Investment, representative office in Tokyo

Insurance Offices: AIG, Inc./ Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company / JI Accident & Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd. *Insurance Agencies

Overseas Clients

University of Washington (USA)/ Bellevue College (USA)/ Purdue University (USA)/ San Francisco State University (USA)/ University of Westminster (UK)/ University of Sydney (AUS)/ University of Melbourne (AUS)/ University of Queensland (AUS)/ The Australian National University (AUS)/ University of New South Wales (AUS)/ Monash University (AUS)/ University of Western Australia (AUS)/ University of Adelaide (AUS)/ University of Auckland (NZ)/ University of Otago (NZ)/ and others

State of Victoria Department of Education and Training/ Education Queensland International/ The Government of Western Australia Department of Education (AUS)/ the Greater Victoria School District/ Langley School District/ Delta School District/ Sooke School District/ Comox Valley School District Saanich School District (CA)

Bank References

Resona Bank, Muromachi Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Meguro Branch


Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS)