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  • ICC Consultants Inc.
  • ICC Consultants Inc.
  • ICC Consultants Inc.
  • ICC Consultants Inc.

The path to success is found throughout the world.

Step into a place far from the familiarity of home. There, everything is new and distant - your first step into a “culturally diverse world.” Past experiences don't apply here, but this gives it more purpose. It’s as if you all you knew was turned upside down. Starting fresh, towards success on this vast and amazing global stage.



The ICC Mission

With the culturally diverse world as their stage, our mission is to contribute to the growth of individuals through the ICC Experience. This is both the reason for our existence, and our purpose.

ICC’s Mission

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Our Programs

Through partnerships with educational institutions, government organizations, and businesses, ICC offers various unique, high quality programs. With professional advice and support from our ICC consultants, cross-cultural programs are delivered with the “ICC Experience.”

Cooperating Agencies

  • Queensland Government
  • Education New Zealand Trade and Investment
  • Victorian Government Tokyo Office
  • KBS Kyoto
  • Government of Western Australia Department of Education
  • OBC project Co., Ltd.
  • British Columbia Trade and Investment, Tokyo representative office